Reproductive Health & Pregnancy Therapeutics

Striving for More in Reproductive Health Treatment

Millions of women worldwide between the ages of 15 and 49 suffer from reproductive health conditions that affect their quality of life or ability to conceive and may lead to complications during pregnancy. ObsEva aims to meet the needs of these patient populations and improve upon the current standard of care with new and innovative treatments in reproductive health.

A Clear Need for Therapeutic Innovation

The large number of women affected by reproductive health conditions combined with the limited efficacy of current standard of care treatments has created a significant unmet need for therapeutic innovation. 

In the area of endometriosis, for example, common treatments such as surgical ablation and endometriosis excision suffer from high recurrence rates, even when combined with post-surgical hormonal treatments. Patient responses can vary greatly with no single option providing truly effective management of the disease.

Similarly, there has been little progress over the past two decades in the area of non-malignant gynecological disorders. Experts point to fragmented care, a lack of understanding of pathophysiology, and the tendency of researchers to focus on malignant diseases as reasons for this lack of progress.

Discover the steps ObsEva has taken to improve upon the current treatment landscape.