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Nolasiban (OBE001)—Assisted Reproductive Technology

Nolasiban is an oral oxytocin receptor antagonist with the potential to decrease contractions, improve uterine blood flow and enhance the receptivity of the endometrium to embryo implantation. This may increase the chance of successful implantation and live-birth rates among patients undergoing ART.

Results from the Phase 2 IMPLANT clinical trial showed a statistically significant relationship between the dose of nolasiban and the ongoing pregnancy rate at week 10 and increased live-birth rates of women with normal serum progesterone levels (patients with higher levels of estradiol and progesterone, associated with reduced pregnancy rates, were excluded from analysis) at the time of embryo implantation by 67% relative to placebo, or 20.4% absolute (51% vs 30 %, respectively). 

ObsEva initiated IMPLANT 2, a European Phase 3 clinical trial of nolasiban for ART late in the first quarter of 2017.

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